At ASPIRE we understand the significance of creating unforgettable experiences for attendees. We also know that it is just as important to capture those moments for years to come. Event photography is crucial for your marketing, branding, and company morale. Depending on your needs and budget we work alongside professional photographers to ensure the emotions, interactions, and ambiance are all captured. Here are some things to consider when working with an event photographer.  

Preparation: Setting the Stage for Success 

Long before the event day arrives, meticulous preparation is essential: 

The Right Fit 

When you work with ASPIRE, we reach out to our trusted network of photographers to ensure they are a good fit for you and your company. Determine your preferred outcome: bright or moody photos, candid or posed, editorial or casual. Remember to keep your brand standards in mind when making these decisions.  

Venue Familiarity 

Finding a local photographer plays a significant role in getting great footage of your event. If the photographer has not been to the venue before, consider inviting them on a site visit or coordinate an early arrival so they may better prepare for the best lighting, backdrops, layouts, and other logistical features that may affect the photography results.  

Equipment Check 

Ensure your photographer’s equipment is in impeccable condition. Discuss backup plans for unforeseen technical issues and confirm they have ample batteries, memory cards, and lenses. Sometimes they require certain electrical needs or AV equipment, and this must be known before the event to ensure their needs are met.  

Pre-Event: Laying the Groundwork 

As the event date approaches, there are crucial steps to take to ensure a seamless photography experience: 

Introduce Your Photographer 

In the preparation stage, the event planner typically works with the photographer to ensure everything is in order beginning with the agreement. As the event draws near, coordinate introductions between the photographer and key stakeholders, such as hosts, speakers, or VIP guests. Establishing this connection fosters cooperation and ensures everyone is on the same page. 

Collaborate on a Shot List 

Work closely with your photographer to create a comprehensive shot list. This list should encompass key moments, VIP guests, and specific details that are essential to the event’s narrative. 

Test Shots 

Designate a time in the onsite schedule for the photographer to perform test shots. This ensures that camera settings are optimized for the venue’s unique lighting conditions, resulting in consistently high-quality images. 

During the Event: Orchestrating Moments 

As the event unfolds, it is time for your photographer to shine: 

Blend Seamlessly 

A skilled event photographer knows how to blend into the background while still capturing pivotal moments. This allows for candid shots that truly encapsulate the essence of the event. 

Anticipate Key Moments 

At ASPIRE, we provide photographers with run of show documents so they know how the event will unfold and where they need to be. Providing this information encourages your photographer to be proactive in anticipating and capturing significant moments. Whether it is a heartfelt embrace, a poignant speech, or an unexpected interaction. These shots add depth to the event’s visual narrative. 

Diverse Perspectives 

Encourage your photographer to vary their shots. From wide-angle panoramas to intimate close-ups, this diversity of perspective enriches the visual story of the event. This is also beneficial later, as you never know what shots might look best in different marketing and branding material platforms.  

Post-Event: Curating Timeless Memories 

After the event, the photographer’s work continues: 

Timely Delivery 

It can vary, although usually your photographer will send several highlight photos from the event immediately following. This provides an opportunity for you to review and reiterate your expectations. If you’re hosting a multi-day event, consider displaying event photos from the previous day during the sessions and meals as a brief recap of daily highlights. Be sure to communicate this logistic with your photographer, so they are prepared and have a plan in place to upload the photos for access.  

Photographer Guidelines 

Make sure you know the photographer’s guidelines for posting and sharing photos. Many require they are tagged in photos, and do not allow any additional editing.  

Finding a photographer for your event can be tedious, but taking the time to ensure you receive the best products and services for your company and the event is a win-win! Communication is key- ask questions and clarify to make sure you and your photographer are on the same page with your event photography needs. Tip: Remember to incorporate a media release in your registration process to receive permission from attendees to use event photos that may include them for promotional purposes. Your company and attendees will be so excited to look back on beautifully captured content for years to come.  

If you are struggling to find a photographer you can trust, contact us to learn more about our services that include access to our trusted vendor relationships.